Leave Me and Go Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Let’s subjugate some goblins

There are a few reasons I chose a goblin subjugation quest.

Firstly, the village which issued the quest is poor. The reward they offered is very low.

The second reason is that goblins are weak monsters with strength about the level of a young human child.

However, they are a danger if they group up. If underestimated, beginner adventurers can easily die to them.

The larger the numbers, the larger the threat.

In reality, newbies dying in goblin subjugation quests isn’t a rare occurrence.

The third reason, also the most important one, is that I cannot disregard the harm done towards the village.

Goblins steal livestock and destroy plantations. And in the end they will even kidnap people.

To an agricultural village, they pose a big threat.

Thinking that far, I decided to accept this especially troublesome goblin subjugation quest.

When I conveyed my intentions of receiving this quest to the receptionist, she asked me in a worried tone.

「Are you going on this quest alone?」

「Yes. That is the plan」

「Do you know that it is dangerous for beginners to take goblin extermination quests alone?」

「Yes, I do. I’ll be fine」

「The number of beginners underestimating goblins and dying to them is not few」

The receptionist is trying to persuade me not to go.

I am actually a S-ranker. Even without using magic, I can easily win against goblins.

However to her, I am just a beginner level warrior taking on a goblin subjugation quest solo.

She probably sees it as suicide.

Her preventing me from going is probably purely out of kindness.

It’s good if a receptionist clearly informs you of the risks involved. This might be a result of Gran’s guidance.

As I discussed with the receptionist, somebody called out to me.

「Why don’t you go with us?」

「You are?」

「We are also F-rank adventurers. A magic user and a bow-wielding scout. We currently need a vanguard」

「You’re a warrior, aren’t you? Let’s go together then」

The receptionist who also heard the conversation said,

「That is a good suggestion! A way better choice than going alone!」

She strongly recommended it to me.

Going in a group highly increases the chance of getting back alive.

Truthfully, I wanted to go on my own. However, I don’t think I can persuade the receptionist.

Furthermore, they must be beginners themselves, since they said they are F-rank adventurers.

Training newbies is also a senior’s responsibility. I shouldn’t reject their suggestion.

「Alright, I’ll join you. Please take care of me」

「I’m Ario. I can use Fireball」

「I’m Josh. Leave the sniping to me」

「I’m Rock. I use the sword」 (TLN: Ayyyy a sausage fest)

I’m not lying when I say that I use the sword.

After all, in my adventurer’s card, it says that I am a warrior, though that is my second job.

We then left the capital together.

I gave my thanks to the garrison guards at the gate.

They gave me clothes when I was half-naked.

「Thank you for your help last time」

「Don’t mention it. It’s not a big deal. Putting that aside, it seems that you’ve made some friends」

The guards smiled as they looked at my attire.

「Yes. All thanks to you」

「Are you going out on an adventure?」

「Yes, it’s a goblin extermination quest」

「I see, be careful out there」

Saying my thanks once more, we exited the gate.

We then headed towards the village suffering from goblin attacks.

On the way, I asked my two party members.

「You’re both pretty young, aren’t you?」

「Really? We’re already 18 this year. You’re pretty close as well, aren’t you, Rock?」

「Not really……」

There’s no way I’m of the same age.

I departed for the gap in dimensions when I was 30 years old. 10 years passed since then.

In other words, I’m already 40 this year.

However, honestly speaking, it’d be suspicious if there was a 40 year old F-rank adventurer.

「No, compared to Ario and Josh, I’m a little…… no, a lot older」

「Really? You sure look young, though」

Ario seems to be good with words.

Wait no, Gran and Eric both said that I de-aged.

It’s probably because of Drain Touch.

As I thought, I might be able to make lots of money if I start a Drain Touch beauty regimen.

While thinking that, we kept on walking.

While conversing with Ario and Josh, they talked about their home town.

It seems that both Ario and Josh are from the countryside.

They said that they’ve exterminated magic beasts and goblins over there.

「We are especially good at exterminating goblins. That’s why you can feel safe going with us」

「That’s good news」

「Goblin exterminations are a pain, but they are a threat to the farming village」

「You accepted this quest because you are concerned as well, right?」

「Well, that is true」

Hearing my answer, Ario and Josh smiled.

「I thought so. There aren’t any newbies who would want to take on goblin extermination quests, after all」

As fellow adventurers who are concerned about the village, we hit it off well.

After walking for more than a day, we reached the village requesting for help. It was exactly at noon when we arrived.

I haven’t camped outdoors in a really long time so it was quite fun.

Learning the current damage cause by the goblins from the villagers, we asked about the direction the goblins came from among other things.

「They stole our cattle……」

「Most of the western fence is destroyed」

「The other day, our sheep……」

It seems that the damage is pretty severe. Precisely because of that, they requested help from the adventurer’s guild.

「That means that their nest is over there, huh」


「There should be about ten of them」

「That’s right」

I don’t think that both of them are wrong with their observations.

That’s why I kept my silence.

However, I do think that they misread the number of goblins.

If they frequently steal cows and sheep, that means that the pack is fairly large.

Naturally, I don’t think that there are only ten of them.

Still, there is no danger as long as I am here. I’ll just help them if it gets dangerous.

Thus, the three of us departed in the direction the goblins’ nest is supposed to be.

Table of Content
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